April 05, 2019

2019 Home Design Trends

As we get further into 2019, we begin to notice style trends falling in and out of fashion. This year, we can already tell what home design trends are appealing to homeowners. We will help you stay on top of the hottest trends with this list of things that are going out of style, as well as trends to incorporate into your decor.




Simple white kitchens have been in demand in recent years,however, warmer color kitchens are bringing warmth and vibrancy back into the kitchen this year. Rich woods and deep colors are making their way back into the kitchen tastefully while granite countertops are a timeless option for homeowners due to color selection and durability. There are ways these selections can be implemented into your kitchen without taking away that modern feel, such as your cabinet style. As for kitchen appliances, stainless steel is still popular. However, retro kitchens are making a comeback too. If you prefer a glossy look rather than the polished stainless steel style, a retro-style kitchen could suit your home just as well.



Your bathtub, shower and sinks are all appliances, too! Glass showers and porcelain tubs are the classic choice. Clawfoot tubs have been considered the ultimate classic tub, but some complain that these types of tubs are difficult to clean and maintain. Shell-shaped sinks have fallen out of style as well, in favor of a more simple, sleeker look. Stick to more modern, simplistic styles when focusing on the bathroom.


Interior Design


2019 is the year of mix and match. Don’t be afraid to mix your modern furniture with your more classic pieces this year. Incorporate the family heirlooms with your retro and contemporary items.. As long as there is an element of cohesiveness, your house is going to be pleasing to the eye and interesting to look at. Long gone are the days that you must pick one style or color and stick to it. A varied and versatile home has more heart.



For the most part, style gurus recommend that homeowners shy away from wallpaper, as it can make a home feel smaller and too busy with all of the patterns on all walls. Consider using it only for one decorative wall or simply painting one wall with an accent color. You can also rely on art pieces to make a statement.


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