June 14, 2019

Why Smart Comes Standard: The Benefits of a Smart Home

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The popularity of incorporating smart devices in homes is quickly on the rise and it is easy to see why. The benefits of a smart home include lower utility costs, convenience and peace of mind, just to name a few. But what exactly does it mean to have a ‘smart home?’

What is a Smart Home?

Imagine a home where in the same second your alarm goes off to signal the start of a day, the lights come on and a fresh pot of coffee begins to brew. This is not a picture of some futuristic house, it is just life in a smart home.

Smart homes contain a network of internet connected smart devices that can be automated and controlled by homeowners. These devices are typically compatible, making integration and control from one single device a simple way to manage an entire household. There are different levels of smart home integration and how much technology is incorporated into a home depends on the different features a homeowner is looking for in their smart devices. For some, adding a single personal assistant speaker may be enough. Others might want to automate devices in every room.

Smart Home Features

Smart home features can include everything from speakers and security systems to thermostats, appliances and more. Even things like blinds can be connected to your smartphone for control at the push of a button. The range of devices available to today’s homeowners is expansive. They do not just exist inside the home either. External activities, like watering a lawn or turning on porch lights, can also be part of your smart home network.

Connected devices are often controlled from one central location, typically a smartphone. This gives homeowners complete control of any connected aspect of their home all in one place. Some systems even allow homeowners to access features via any Wi-Fi signal, no matter how far away. Security systems are a great example of this. Not only can a homeowner monitor security in real-time from their smartphone, they can also lock doors and set alarms, even from the other side of the country.

Smart Comes Standard® with Britton Homes 

Britton Homes understands the value that a smart home can bring to homeowners and that is why every Britton home comes fully equipped with a variety of smart home technology. When you purchase a Britton Home, it will include:

Benefits of a Smart Home  

As mentioned before, there are varying degrees to which smart home technology can be implemented. Because of this, different homeowners will see unique benefits depending on their specific technology and usage. However, there are some benefits every homeowner can enjoy from smart home living.

  • Energy efficiency: Automating everything from thermostats and lights to major appliances can significantly lower monthly electricity costs. Homeowners can receive real-time data about energy usage to more closely monitor and control their home. Some devices, such as smart light bulbs, can even self-regulate usage for better efficiency.
  • Security: Smart security systems allow homeowners to monitor every corner of their home for safety and provide virtually instant connection to law enforcement should a breach occur. These systems go beyond just alarms, though. Additional cameras and automated lighting throughout the house and at major points of entry can help ward off potential problems.
  • Convenience: Smart devices can effectively manage many of a homeowner’s basic daily tasks. Automated laundry schedules designed to lower utility bills and robot vacuums are only the beginning. Today's technology is becoming more advanced by the day and so are the capabilities of smart home features. There are even refrigerators designed to inventory groceries and order staples as needed. You can control virtually every aspect of your home from one single device, conveniently located in your pocket. Do you need a way to feed the pets or water the lawn while you are out of town? All you have to do is give the command. Are you worried you left the stove on or forgot to lock the front door on your way out? Just check your phone. Managing your smart home can be as simple as that.
  • Fun: Some homeowners find a connected household to be about more than just safety or convenience. They find the extra technology fun and exciting. Smart devices provide a whole new way to interact with and live in your home.

While the benefits of a smart home are undeniable, some homeowners may find themselves intimidated by the idea of installing these high-tech networks on their own. With Britton Homes, you can leave that to us because smart comes standard. Check out the top of the line smart home features you and your family can expect from your Britton Home.