August 21, 2019

Your Guide to Navigating the Fort Worth Housing Market

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If you are planning a move to Fort Worth you may find yourself searching the internet for things like “Fort Worth housing market trends,” “things to do in Fort Worth” and “Fort Worth school districts.”Getting to know a new city can feel like an overwhelming undertaking. From the schools in the area and professional opportunities to local culture and amenities, there is a lot to explore.

When looking to buy a home, it is especially important to consider the health of the housing market in that area. Appreciating property prices, which Fort Worth has, can pose a wise investment for homebuyers hoping to prepare for the future with their purchase. Couple that with the state’s median home sales price of just under $270,000—nearly $50,000 lower than the national average as of 2019—and potential homebuyers can find themselves in a good position when looking for a home in Texas.

Fort Worth is a vibrant North Texas metropolitan city offering residents a healthy housing market, great schools and a variety of unique activities and amenities to enjoy. Below, you can find an infographic that allows you to explore everything from city statistics and housing market information to Fort Worth high schools and favorite local attractions.

If this bird’s eye view of the Fort Worth housing market and local amenities gets you interested in a home in the area, take a look at available Britton Homes’ homes. We specialize in luxurious new-build homes located in the top communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Everything you need to know about Forth Worth housing marketing trends, things to do in the city and available school districts in Fort Worth.