September 26, 2019

4 Elements to Consider When Designing Your Perfect Home Media Room

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Does a luxurious home media room round out your perfect living space design? Whether you are a gamer, movie lover or television fanatic, we have the media room ideas perfectly suited to your lifestyle—building your own may be easier than you think. Take a look at the four main elements you should consider when designing your perfect home media room.

1. Screen

No list of movie theater room ideas would be complete without perhaps the most important detail: screen options. Before you get into designing, you will have to decide whether you want a TV or a projector in your media room.

Homeowners who prefer a TV have a few factors to consider before purchasing, including screen type, size and resolution. The three most common TV screen types are LCD, OLED and Plasma. While OLED TVs are known to produce a considerably superior picture to LCD screens, they are a more expensive option. Comparing sets in person and consulting with a technology professional can help you better narrow down your options to find the right one for your space.

Most living room TVs in today’s homes are between 55 and 65 inches in size. The general rule of thumb for selecting your screen size is that the distance from your seat to the TV should measure approximately 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen dimensions. If you plan on building a larger media room with layers of seating, you will want to be sure the screen you select works well for viewers in all areas. Of course, this is your space—choose the screen size you feel suits the space best.

Most media experts suggest you avoid purchasing a 1080p TV set. Instead, look for at least 4k resolution to help preserve your home theater longevity as technology continues to progress.

Mounting your TV is another great way to create an instant movie theater feeling. If you are planning on mounting your screen, be sure to consider whether you will need it to be mobile. You might want to consider purchasing a mount designed to swivel if you intend on sitting around the room or watching from another area.

Some homeowners opt to use a projector against a wall or screen to create the same theater-like effect of a mount. Today’s smart projectors, much like smart TVs, allow users to stream content, connect storage devices and run additional systems without requiring a tangle of chords or hours of setup.

Be sure to look for projectors with a brightness, measured in ANSI lumens, of at least 1000—brighter spaces will require a more powerful projector to ensure a high-quality picture. Contrast level is another important consideration when selecting your projector. Additionally, you have the option to either mount your projector, on a ceiling or back wall, or leave it free for easy mobility.

2. Sound

Nothing says “ultimate home media room” quite like surround sound. When planning your sound system, consider the quality of your speakers, the number of units and their placement.

You can choose to mount speakers in or on your walls, place them in the ceiling or simply space floor or bookshelf units around the room. Children and pets may make free-standing speakers less of a practical choice—consider what you will use your home theater for to help you decide on the best speakers for your needs. Most high-caliber sound systems typically include a center channel speaker directly below the TV as well as front and back right and left speakers for full sound immersion.

Hardwiring a sound system can be a cumbersome project requiring a considerable amount of planning. Fortunately, Bluetooth technology has made creating the perfect movie theater sound system simple and cord free.

3. Seating

Deciding on seating for your home media room is an important step. Comfort is key. Try to make your space as welcoming as possible with various offerings and enough options to satisfy the whole audience, whether it be a party of two or a room full of guests.

There are a variety of media room seating ideas to explore depending on your space’s design and needs! Couches and bean bags are popular options for homeowners looking to add cozy touches to their media space. For more of a movie theater-like experience, consider adding recliners or layering rows of seating to make sure everyone has the best view.

Throw in plenty of pillows and blankets for a practical and stylish nice finishing touch.

4. Accessories

Once you have the basics for your home media room in place, it is time to customize. Choose from a variety of fun additions to create a space that is perfect for your lifestyle.

  • Media Center: If cords are an issue for you, try adding a media center to house all your accessories and hide the unsightly clutter powering your system.
  • Lighting: Spruce up your home theater or gaming room with dimmable lights or add colored bulbs for a unique twist. Blackout curtains or shades are also a great addition to theater rooms—especially those with a lot of windows—to help prevent annoying glares.
  • Snacks: Impress your guests with an in-room snack bar complete with all the movie theater classics. You will never have to miss a second of your favorite show again with this convenient addition.
  • Remote Controller: Connect all your devices to one remote to add a luxurious touch and significant level of convenience to your home theater. Manage your TV, media players, lights, shades and more at the touch of a button. After all, your media room will be so comfortable you will not want to get up unless you absolutely have to.


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