October 15, 2019

Your Complete Change of Address Checklist

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Are you planning a move and wish you had a complete change of address checklist to help?

Some homeowners can get so caught up in the move itself, that they forget there are necessary steps to take after the contracts are signed and the movers drive away—namely: changing your address. 

No one wants to wake up one day and wonder, ‘did I miss that wedding invitation?’ — not to mention having to track down a delivery that never made it to your front door. Fortunately, these days you can do most of your change of address updates online. 

But, the real trouble is knowing exactly where you need to change your address. That is why we put together a complete address change checklist to help you streamline your next move, find it below. Take a look at the important address changes you will need to make post-relocation, including some you might not have even thought of.

While it may seem like a headache to change your address in all these places, it will save you a great deal of time and hassle down the road. Armed with this change of address checklist, you should have no problem covering all your bases after the big move!

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This change of address checklist shows you all the places you need to change your address after moving, including the DMV, post office, financial institutions, subscriptions and more.