November 25, 2019

Popular Interior Design Apps to Help Take the Hassle Out of Redesigning

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Whether you are planning to redesign a space from scratch or simply spruce it up a bit, interior design apps can make the whole process much simpler. From finding new furniture and testing out paint colors to connecting with the professionals you need to complete your home improvement project, there is an app just for you. Explore some of the most popular interior design apps available to help you take the hassle out of redesigning.

Connect with a Professional


From exploring ideas and finding your new favorite pieces to connecting with the professionals who can make your vision come true, Houzz walks you through every step of the redesign process. You can find and contact designers, contractors, architects and more to help you tackle your project all within the app. Houzz also connects you to a network of homeowners and professionals alike who are able to answer your questions, provide inspiration for a redesign or help you solve any problems may arise. This fast-growing app is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners looking to spruce up a space.

Plan a Renovation

Smith Home Remodel:

Connect with professionals who can handle virtually any part of your home redesign. The Smith Home Remodel app helps you find the painters, contractors, roofers, cleaners and more you need to keep your home looking its best. Smith will even walk with you through every step of the process, ensuring your experience with the contractor you have chosen is seamless.


Are you planning on handling some smaller renovations by yourself? WikiHow is a great resource to have in your pocket for DIY projects. Just like the site, this app takes you step-by-step through whatever topic you need help with—all you need is the phone in your hand.

Find Your Furniture


Many homeowners know Wayfair for its extensive inventory of home goods ranging from appliances and furniture to lighting, flooring and more. Did you know, though, that Wayfair has a home decorating app that allows you to plan your new design and try out your favorite pieces before adding them to your cart? This 3D tool allows you to visualize a piece in the very spot you will place it—you can even zoom or “walk around” a product virtually to help you get a better feel for how it will work in the space.

Ikea Place

Another major home décor name, Ikea also has a virtual decorating app that allows shoppers to test a piece in their home without the hassle of shipping or staging. Simply select the product you wish to try out and hold up your phone to scan the space. You will see in real-time just how that piece will fit in with your current arrangement to help you better plan your redesign.

Pick a Paint Color

ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams:

Paint can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of your space. While imagining a new couch in an arrangement can be difficult, picturing the whole room another color can be incredibly challenging when planning a new design. This app helps homeowners sidestep the guessing game when selecting a paint color. Virtually paint your walls to test out and compare color options—you can choose from an online inventory or scan one of Sherwin-Williams' color cards to instantly see your new room design. You can also select day or night lighting to get a more well-rounded idea of how the new color will look.

Did you stumble upon a color that you love in a photo or in person but are not sure if Sherwin Williams offers it? Simply upload your photo or take one in the app and Sherwin Williams will find that color in their inventory. ColorSnap even comes with a paint calculator to help you know just how much to buy when the time comes to commit to a color!

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore, ColorSmart by Behr and The Home Depot ProjectColor app are other tools similar to ColorSnap that can help you easily pick your ideal paint color.

Craft Your Floor Plan


Thirty seconds is all it takes to render the accurate blueprint you need to start your home remodel. Simply scan an existing space to create a new floor plan map or upload existing blueprints to get started. You can even draw a new floor plan from scratch for more major renovations. Once you have your floor plan established, you can take notes, insert photos, add objects and even edit existing features to reflect potential changes.

Get Inspired


If you just are not quite sure where to even begin with your new redesign, Pinterest is a great place to start. You can browse other homeowner’s designs, shop pieces and view mood boards to help you pin down exactly the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. You never know what you may find on this platform—the ideas are seemingly endless!


There is certainly no shortage of interior design apps to help you navigate your next home improvement project. Are you still looking for a bit of inspiration before you start crafting your ideal design? Explore Britton Homes’ gallery to browse luxurious designs and find your inspiration.