January 03, 2020

4 Steps to the Perfect Meditation Area in Your Britton Home

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Adding a meditation area in your home can be a great way to help you reduce stress, improve your mental and emotional health and support your overall well-being. This space should also be a reflection of the people using it. Having the right environment for you and your family's needs can help you best relax, recharge and get the most from your meditation. Try these four easy steps for building your perfect home meditation space to help you stay mindful.

1. Pick Your Spot

The first step in creating the perfect meditation spot is deciding where you want to be. This can be a room, closet, corner or any space where you feel comfortable—outdoor spaces are also an option if you prefer. If you would enjoy a spot with lots of natural light for your meditation, but find the outdoors distracting, try finding a place near a window. Perhaps you meditate better in a cozier, darker environment. In that case, look for an area where you can block light better or add warmer colored light with candles as desired.

Make sure you pick a spot where you will not be distracted—the busier the location, the better the chance something will take your attention away from your practice. High traffic areas also tend to gather clutter and get dirty easier. This can make it more difficult to achieve the peace of mind you are seeking during meditation.

Planning accordingly will help you get the most out of your practice.

2. Design the Space

This is where you can get really creative—think about the purpose of this space when decorating to help you achieve the environment you need during meditation.

First, consider adding a yoga mat, rug or pillows to make it more comfortable to sit or kneel for periods of time. This will help prevent distractions.

Are there images, pieces of art or quotes that speak to you? Add one to the wall as a main focal point for your meditation or sprinkle pieces around the space to immerse yourself in inspiration. Be mindful of the colors you are choosing when designing your space as they can have a significant effect on the environment. Colors can evoke emotions, impact moods, change physical states like hunger or energy level and much more—this makes your color choice for this space very important.

While traditionally “soothing” colors like white, blue and green are often recommended for meditation spaces, it is important to find the colors you respond to. Once you have found the perfect color palette for your practice, you get to decide how you want to implement it. You may consider painting a focal wall if it works with the rest of the space. If not, you can always integrate your color into the space with accessories. Pillows and rugs are great items to help you bring in your color scheme in a stylish and functional way.

3. Add to the Ambiance

There are a variety of ways to create an environment that is soothing to all the senses. Bringing some nature into your space can help create a calming atmosphere—having plants in the home is not only good for you as they help purify the air, but they can also reduce stress and boost mood. This is a great foundation for your meditation practice.

Smells and sounds can also play an important role in creating an ideal space for you to relax and recharge. Using essential oils, candles, incense or a diffuser can help you achieve a peaceful environment suited perfectly to you. Try adding a sound machine to help you relax and drown out any external noise that is distracting you during meditation. For a more traditional experience, opt to utilize a singing bowl to help you calm and reset.

4. Leave the Screens Outside

Making this space screen-free can also help you devote yourself better to its purpose. It is hard to focus on mindfulness and relaxation when your phone keeps buzzing and lighting up. Do yourself a favor and leave the technology behind for a few minutes—you may just like unplugging.


Creating an oasis in your home with the perfect meditation area does not have to be complicated. At the end of the day, it is simply about what is comfortable and calming for you. Are you looking for the perfect space to relax and reset? Explore our gallery of luxurious designs and modern floorplans to find your next dream home and start planning for your home meditation!