August 12, 2020

5 Pet-Friendly Home Tips: From Flooring to Plants

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Keeping our pets happy and healthy is a top priority. When moving into a new home, pet owners must keep their pet’s needs in mind so they can feel at home too. By implementing a few pet-friendly home tips, you can create a house that is both stylish and pet-proof.

For starters, focus on pet-friendly furniture and invest in a vacuum to remove pet hair and dander. You will also want to consider the type of flooring you use. Tile or laminate floors offer durability without excessive maintenance.

Looking for more pet-friendly home design trends? Here are five ways to transform your new home into a pet-friendly paradise:

Build a Pet Area

If you own a dog or outdoor cat, you know your pets will track in dirt and debris once they return from the backyard. Incorporate a dedicated “pet area” near an entry to make re-entering your home a bit easier (and cleaner!). Find some tools to hang leashes and other accessories and install a high-impact floormat to catch any mud before they walk on clean floors. This space can even be outfitted with custom features such as a dog shower— and do not forget to tile the walls to prevent stains from the inevitable shake-off.

Avoid Small Decorations or Plants

Do not leave small items at snout level or around the house when you are away. Your pets may naturally assume that they are toys you have left around for them and will likely chew them up when no one is around. Likewise, make sure your indoor and outdoor plants are varieties that are pet safe. Plants that are not safe for nibbling include amaryllis, poinsettia, mums and aloe vera. Be sure to look at the ASPCA’s list of toxic plants before bringing a new plant into the home.

Choose Pet-Friendly Flooring

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when designing your pet-friendly home is the type of flooring. This is a significant investment, so choosing the wrong flooring could end up being a costly mistake. Ceramic tile or laminate floors offer durability and often come in a wood-like design, allowing you to achieve the same aesthetic without extensive maintenance. These options also have the additional benefit of keeping your pets cooler in the hotter months.

If you prefer the warmth of carpet, a patterned rug is ideal for hiding stains. Carpet tiles are another option, and sections can easily be replaced if they become stained or damaged. Additionally, large area rugs can add a cozy touch to a tile or hardwood floor as an alternative to installing wall-to-wall carpet.

Buy Durable Furniture

Choose items with upholstery that are easy to clean and stain-resistant. While leather couches can be wiped down and will not get covered in fur, they may be punctured or damaged by claws and nails. Many furniture lines now offer models specifically designed for pet owners, which might be worth looking into.

You may also want to take into consideration the color of your pet’s fur. Cover your sofa in the same shade of gray as your cat or paint a concrete floor that matches your golden retriever. This is a practical choice that will hide any hair your pets leave behind. Also, consider using slipcovers for all of your furnishings for easier cleaning.

Additionally, you will also want to avoid furniture that has any exposed wood, wicker or rattan. A puppy may see this as their new favorite teething toy. Opt for metal or chrome instead, as it will encourage your four-legged friend to search for another toy.

Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Your pet may not enjoy being groomed, but it will keep the fur levels down and minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning the house. Regular nail clippings will decrease scratch damage, while regular brushing will prevent hair from spreading throughout the house. You will also want to vacuum twice a week with a machine designed specifically for homes with pets. For a quick clean-up, use a strip of packing tape or damp plastic kitchen glove to remove stray hairs.


Making your new home safe and comfortable for your pet requires some planning and the right materials. With a few pet-friendly home tips, you can create a space your pet will love. Are you on the hunt for the perfect home for you and your four-legged companions? Explore available Britton Homes properties in some of Texas’ most desirable communities to find the perfect space suited to your unique lifestyle.