November 17, 2020

The Art of Displaying Art in Your House

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You bought a beautiful piece of art and framed it — now you just need to decide where to show it off. Displaying art throughout your home may seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. Whether you are planning the layout of a gallery wall to show off your family’s photos or trying to figure out where to place a large-scale oil painting, this should be an enjoyable experience. Are you ready to get started? Here are some tips for making a compelling art display in your home.

How to Display Art

The key to displaying art is curating what you love. It does not have to be expensive or valuable to provide you and your family with great joy. This is your opportunity to get creative — so do not be afraid to let your personality shine through when displaying artwork.

Hang at the Right Height

This is the most common art hanging mistake, but it is also the easiest to fix. Try to hang most of your art pieces at eye level — around 55 to 60 inches from the floor. If you have higher ceilings, you can increase this number by a few inches. The goal is to enjoy the artwork at a natural eye level, not to have to be looking up at it. If you are hanging a picture above a sofa, be sure to hang it one-hand’s width above the furniture.

Create a Grouping

When creating a display on a large wall, hang pictures close together rather than scattered across the space. If you plan to display artwork over a couch or loveseat, do not feel they have to be spaced out over the entire piece of furniture. Have the pieces equidistant from each other and centered over the middle third of the focal point. You can test your plans by arranging sheets of paper on the wall with painter’s tape to find a composition that feels balanced before taking a hammer to the wall.

Use Picture Ledges

Picture ledges are another way to organize framed photographs. You can mix them into your gallery wall display to add some function and dimension. Not only can shallow shelves host artwork — they are also perfect for showcasing sculptural objects, houseplants and even small souvenirs. Do not forget to lean and overlap frames to avoid blank spaces and fill in with accessories to complete the look.

Mix Things Up

Expand your artwork display to include three-dimensional items with visual appeal. Vintage china, plaques, baskets and trays are just a few items that can hang on walls to personalize your home. Use these pieces to create a striking display of pattern and color on a wall. If you dream of an impressive arrangement, antique shops and auction houses are the perfect places to hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces for your wall.

Skip the Frames

Choose a flexible wall art solution if new things constantly inspire you. Hang vintage wall charts from wooden skirt hangers or clipboards to the wall. Easily swap photographs to match the season or your mood. This fully customizable and budget-friendly technique means you can play around with various combinations to find an arrangement that matches your desired design aesthetic.

Stay One Step Ahead

Did you know the wall space alongside a staircase is often forgotten? Stick to monochrome frames and prints for a dramatic feel or clash tones and patterns for a more modern look. You can stagger the photographs in a gentle incline or break up similar works of art with wall hangings and other items. Choose a stair carpet runner in a complementary shade to complete the look.

Be Mindful of Lighting

You will also want to avoid placing artwork in direct sunlight. Frequent doses of intense light can drain the color from almost anything, especially watercolors or print photographs. If you decide to hang that perfect picture in a sunny room, just make sure it is framed with a UV-filtering acrylic rather than glass. It will protect your art from fading or yellowing in direct sunlight.


Displaying art in your home does not have to be a stressful experience — instead, it should be a fun and inspiring creative challenge. Are you on the search for the perfect house to showcase your art collection? Explore Britton Homes’ available properties to find a luxurious new home suited to your unique lifestyle.