May 21, 2021

5 Tips to Consider When Organizing Your Pantry

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Whether you are cooking for a dinner party or fixing a quick snack, a tidy pantry will often put your mind at ease. If you need help organizing your pantry, we have put together a few tips to bring order to one of the most used areas of your kitchen. 

Hit the Reset Button 

Before you plan your organization strategy, take everything out of your pantry. Throw away any items that have expired or donate foods you will not eat. This is also the perfect opportunity to consolidate any open products — like crackers and individually wrapped tea bags — if possible. By clearing out your pantry, you will have a better idea of the amount of space you have to work with and how many items you have hidden away in the cabinets. 

Create a Place for Everything 

The perfect kitchen pantry is not only organized, but it also helps you make meal prep and snack time a breeze. Having a designated spot for every item helps you create a family meal or host a dinner party with ease. You will not be thrown off course if you need a last-minute canned good or spice for your dish. A pantry with everything in its place will also make the clean-up more pleasant and enhance the cooking experience. 

Choose a System 

The best way to organize a pantry depends on what works for you and your family’s needs. Whether you use organizational tools like baskets and risers or shelving units, the right system will help you stay organized for years to come. Plus, you can modify your pantry as needed. There are plenty of ways to engineer a system that fits your lifestyle. 

Organize by Zones 

One kitchen pantry organization idea is to separate your space into zones. Group items by activity, such as baking ingredients and dinner prep, to find what you need more easily. You could even keep like items together, alphabetize them or store the most frequently used foods front and center. Keep in mind that there is no one way to organize your pantry, and the right method will match your organizing style. 

Keep Your Pantry Clean 

It is easy for the cabinets and pantry to become messy with so many family members using the kitchen. A simple way to maintain your newly organized space is to establish some ground rules. Easy-to-follow guidelines ensure your pantry stays neat and tidy while allowing others to enjoy the benefits.  

Organizing your pantry does not have to be a complex process. You can bring order to your space in as little as one afternoon. Looking for some inspiration as you plan the ideal organizational system for your pantry? Explore Britton Homes’ gallery of beautiful kitchens to help you design an organized space you will love to spend time in.