October 19, 2018

Decor For Your Modern Home

A truly modern home comes across as simple, sleek and elegant. If you are on a budget, you will be glad to know that due to the minimalist nature of modern decor, you can furnish your home with elegant pieces for less than if you went with a more traditional style. When it comes to modern decor, remember that less is more. With this decor style, having just a few high-quality pieces is all you need to pull a room together.



Modern decor thrives on clean, airy spaces. Typically, the majority of a modern home consists of blacks, grays and white with a pop of color to balance it all out. This could manifest in the form of a large piece of art on the wall or it may be a beautiful Persian rug that pulls the room together. It may even be something as eye-catching as a red leather couch.


Shades of brown can also be found in modern homes. The main decor colors found in modern homes are black and white as well as gray tones. Some may opt for a softer look by going with dark brown, greige (gray-beige) and white. A pop of color will look just as good against a brown and white landscape.


Many forget that appliances also add to the overall home decor.  Try emphasizing your modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances.  This will complement the sleek modern aesthetic. You may follow this rule throughout the whole house, opting for furniture with clean lines and stainless steel accents. Cohesiveness is key.



When deciding on the style of appliance, art and furniture to display in your home, consider the overall architecture. Today’s modern home is defined by its sleek lines and sharp edges. If you choose to carry through the modern aesthetic, your furniture should reflect the architecture of your house. Some tricks to help you discern modern vs. non-modern items include avoiding curved or round rugs and furniture, and complementing colors are key!  Clashing colors and mismatching styles of furniture can make the inside of an elegant house feel disheveled and less like a home to relax in.


Making Your House a Home

Because of the simple, sleek nature of modern homes, they sometimes get labelled as looking too “sterile” or “cold”. Any good decorator knows, however, that this is a myth. Here are just a few ways to make your modern house feel more like a home:

  • Hang and display plants in your home. This will lend some color to your whiter spaces and give a more organic feeling to the space.
  • Have a bookshelf to display books and knick knacks that make your home feel lived-in and personalized. A bookshelf sustains a modern home’s elegant nature without sacrificing its usefulness.
  • Lastly, sometimes a home that feels too “sterile” simply needs the right lighting. Warm lighting adds a comfy ambiance to your home and is less harsh on the eyes.

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