February 01, 2019

The Top Five Reasons Why Texas Is The Best State To Live In

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1. Low Cost of Living

Texas has been repeatedly ranked as one of the lowest cost of living states in the country. With less money being spent on essentials like food and housing, Texas residents are able to save more money for things like vacations and entertainment.


2. No Income Tax

While Texans pay their fair share of taxes, the laissez-faire attitude of this state is reflected in its government. Neither individuals nor businesses are obligated to pay income tax, allowing for Texans to save more money. It’s no wonder small businesses in Texas tend to flourish.


3. National Parks

Texas is home to 16 national parks that can be hiked, explored, toured and camped in. Texas is a wonderland for natural history and camping enthusiasts due to its preserved lands that tell the story of what the state looked like before it was even named “Texas.” Some of the most popular sites for travelers to explore are Big Bend, Big Thicket, Rio Grande and Padre Island. These national parks represent Texas’ natural wonders, from dense, green forests and majestic canyons to expansive beach dunes and roaring rivers. If you live in Texas, these natural wonders are easy to access and make a great vacation spot for your family to explore.


4. The Food

Every state has its specialty cuisine and for Texas, that means BBQ and Tex-Mex. If you live in or have ever visited Texas, then you have heard someone say “there’s barbecue, and then there’s Texas barbecue”. As for Tex-Mex, there is a reason the food is named after the state. Because Texas shares a border with Mexico, the state has learned a thing or two from its neighbor about delicious food. If there’s one thing Tex-Mex restaurants pride themselves on, it is their chips, salsa and queso.


5. Employment Opportunities

Right now, the Texas economy is booming thanks to its black gold commodity. There are an abundance of high-paying oil field jobs. It’s not just the oil field that is booming, however. Tech companies are also hiring and going strong, which is good news for recent college graduates looking to get a foot in the door.


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