October 25, 2018

Tricks for Fun Homemade Halloween Treats

Don’t be surprised if you find trick-or-treaters coming back to your door for a second helping of treats this Halloween. For those who want to put a little heart into the holiday and go the extra mile for trick-or-treaters, here are some fun ideas for delicious homemade Halloween treats.





Treats: A Little Preparation

The neighborhood kids will certainly remember your house as the one with the best treats if you try these fun ideas that can be easily whipped up in your kitchen.


Caramel Apples

If you’ve ever gotten a piece of fruit from a neighbor on Halloween as a kid, you know how disappointing that feeling can be. This is an exciting holiday for children with an exceptional sweet tooth. While a regular apple may not be exciting, there isn’t a kid who can say no to a candy-coated apple on a stick. Dip some in Halloween themed sprinkles if you’d like to give it something extra.


Popcorn Balls

All you need for this simple and delicious treat is plastic wrap, a twist tie, marshmallow fluff or corn syrup, and popcorn. You may use regular popcorn or mix it up with caramel corn. Next, take some marshmallow fluff/corn syrup and add it to your bowl of popcorn. Add a little at a time until the texture is firm and all the popcorn sticks together without falling out. After that, roll your popcorn into smaller balled sections. Wrap in plastic and twist tie your treat! Kids won’t be able to get enough.


Spider Web Cotton Candy

Most stores sell small cotton candy makers for home use and if you happen to have your own, this next treat will be extra simple to make. While most cotton candy is made with some sort of blueberry or bubblegum flavoring and dyed pink or blue, this recipe calls for no dye and vanilla flavoring. Your cotton candy will turn out white instead of colored, mimicking what a spider web would look like. The vanilla flavoring is to ensure that the color stays transparent, as well as give your “spider webs” a unique quality. Tie up sections in plastic wrap, or serve it up right on a stick to excited trick-or-treaters.


Tricks: Get Crafty

If you are not the baking type, there are still ways to personalize the candy you give out on Halloween night. These are easy ways to Halloween-ify the sweets you buy at the store.


Lollipop Ghosts

For this cute candy, all you need to do is take a lollipop and wrap a tissue around it, then secure a rubber band around the stick so that it looks like the lollipop is a ghost! Add two circles for the eyes and you’ve got yourself a boo-tiful treat.


Eyeball Chocolates

There are multiple generic chocolate brands that sell chocolates ball shapes, typically covered in foil. You can spruce up these delicious little chocolates by adding a layer of plastic wrap around the foil, and drawing an eyeball on top of the wrapping. Secure the plastic wrap with a twist tie or rubber band.


Witch’s Brew Goodie Bags

Instead of giving a few random treats to each trick-or-treater, you can make little goodie bags for each child that comes to your door. You can begin with either zip baggies or plastic wrap and a twist tie. From there, you can choose a few things that you think would go well together. For example, you can add some gummy worms, crushed cookies or edible glitter and an index card with a witch’s brew “recipe” that says “sprinkle pixie dust over worms for a magical effect”. Kids will enjoy being able to have a fun and interactive treat.


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