October 12, 2021

Where to See Fall Foliage in Texas: Our Top 6 Spots |

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Fall in Texas is one of the most magical times of the year. Curious about where to see fall foliage now that autumn has arrived? Grab a pumpkin spice latte and your coziest sweater, then start your road trip to these six destinations with the best autumn scenery Texas has to offer.  

Garner State Park  

Many claim that Garner State Park is the best spot to see Texas fall colors. Located about two hours east of San Antonio, this popular camping site offers visitors breathtaking views of cypress, oak, mesquite and permission trees boasting stunning shades of red, orange and yellow. If you are looking for the perfect photo op, be sure to hike to the scenic overlook where the Frio River meets the rolling hills. Garner State Park is the perfect in-state getaway for any Texan, with 11 miles of hiking trails, cozy cabins, well-equipped campsites, and family-friendly attractions nearby. 

Guadalupe Mountains National Park 

Experience the best of the U.S. all in one park at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Here, you will find hints of the Rocky Mountains, Chihuahuan Desert and Great Plains throughout 135 square miles of natural land. The autumn scenery looks like something out of a storybook, with red and yellow maples, sumacs and diverse plant and shrub species everywhere you look. This must-see national park near the Texas-New Mexico border is also home to the four highest peaks in the state. At Guadalupe Mountains National Park, you can experience the best of fall in Texas alongside mountains, canyons, deserts, dunes and more. 

Caddo Lake State Park 

If you are looking for a truly unique fall foliage experience, Caddo Lake is perfect for you. This east Texas gem, about a two-hour commute from Dallas, is full of sprawling swamps and abundant wildlife. The centuries-old cypress trees hanging over the bayous and wetlands change from vibrant green to rustic red during the fall. Some say this scenery sets a spooky, eerie tone, which is perfect for Halloween. If you prefer more traditional Texas fall colors, Caddo Lake's hiking trails are also lined with hardwood trees that provide classic autumnal hues. 

Lost Maples State Natural Area 

Lost Maples, located in the heart of Texas Hill Country just east of San Antonio, boasts big maples and bright colors. Amid the vibrant red and yellow leaves, you will also find over 10 miles of trails connecting you to scenic grasslands, woodlands and limestone bluffs. The beautiful hills and canyons allow you to gaze out for miles into what seems like an eternity of colorful trees. Since this area is a natural preserve — not a state park — you can be sure that the nature you see will be pristinely maintained year-round. 

McKinney Falls State Park 

 Mckinney Falls is located just 13 miles south of downtown Austin and offers an array of red, orange and yellow leaves along its nine miles of scenic, winding trails. Behold the beauty of fall in Texas as Onion Creek’s clear waters flow over limestone ledges into splashing pools. This peaceful setting, enhanced by towering cypress trees in every color, frequent wildlife sightings and an abundance of nearby entertainment, make Mckinney Falls the perfect Austin staycation spot. 

Colorado Bend State Park 

Located three hours southwest of Dallas, this beautiful destination offers a diverse landscape and stunning water features. With everything from caves and canyons to traditional forest scenery nestled alongside the Colorado River, Colorado Bend State Park is a hiker’s paradise. This park is also home to Gorman Falls, one of Texas’ largest waterfalls. Towering at more than 70 feet, the cascading water contrasted with the warm autumn colors creates a dreamy setting for the perfect fall day. And, remember to bring your fishing pole! Colorado Bend is known as one of the top bass fishing locations in Texas. 


Beautiful changing leaves is just one of the many reasons why fall in Texas is so special. Now that you have explored where to see fall foliage across the state, it is time to find your dream home that is just a short trip away from your favorite state park. Explore Britton Homes’ available properties to find a beautiful home suited to your lifestyle.