December 21, 2018

Cozy Winter Decor Ideas

Winter is the time to really personalize your home, as more time will be spent indoors during the colder months and it is important to enjoy the space where you spend most of your time. Here are some cozy winter decor ideas to prepare you for the magic of the holiday season.


Fireplace Magic

If you are the type that gets excited about the holidays months before December rolls around, you already know about the power of a well-decorated fireplace. Besides the fact that you can hang beautiful stockings above your fireplace, most fireplaces have a shelf or two that is the perfect place to display pictures, knick-knacks and art. When decorating your fireplace for the holidays, try to keep to a central theme. Starting off with a good color scheme will help everything come together and look more cohesive. For example, you may display various pieces of art and knick knacks, but they all have a cohesive element such as gold or marble that brings them together. This way you can still display some of your favorite items elegantly.


Blankets, Throws, and Pillows

If you plan to spend a lot of time with friends and family in your main living area, it is worth investing in some cuddly warm blankets, throws and pillows. Certain types of furniture tend to hold onto cooler temperatures such as leather and suede, so it’s important to compensate. You can display blankets and throws over your furniture and it can add an element of coziness to your space. The same principle goes for pillows as well. Whether you are laying by the fireplace or watching a Christmas movie, a flurry of fluffy pillows on a couch is a welcoming gesture to guests. The best part about all of these cozy options is that they can lend a pop of color to a room, a much needed feature during colder months when the sky is gray.


Slipper Station

This last idea is not so much a decor tip as it is practicality. If your home is mostly tile and wood floors, you know your bare feet can get quite cold. A slipper station is a perfect implement for families that enjoy the cozier things in life. You may even choose to make this shelf into cubbies for slipper storage and use extra space for displaying things like evergreen-scented candles and other knick-knacks. When choosing a spot for you slipper station, you may consider where the heaviest foot traffic in your house is. The entryway is typically a good spot for such things, especially if you already have a place for shoes near the door when you first walk in.


Find a Home to Cozy-up To

There is nothing better than a home you can personalize and make your own. You can browse the interiors of Britton Homes and find a space you can see yourself getting cozy in here.